Meet Our Chefs

At Marcel’s Culinary Experience, our kitchen is your kitchen. Assembled from a variety of different backgrounds, yet bound by a common thread, the professional chefs and chef educators are the foundation of the culinary program at Marcel’s.

Marcel’s culinary team will ensure that each and every guest has a place to learn, watch, and meet new people and old friends – a place to pull up a chair, gather around the table and discover fabulous food adventures. A place to cook, create, and celebrate.


Kelly Sears, Executive Chef

Jamie Bordoshuk

Lynn Dugan

Paul Lindemuth

Robin Nathan

Cherise Slattery


KellyKelly Sears
Marcel’s Executive Chef

Dry mix, water, and a light bulb. Kelly began cooking under 40 watts of power with the Easy Bake Oven; her poor parents ate more than their share of “delicacies” baked under a light bulb.  Moving beyond the light bulb, she graduated from the College of DuPage culinary program and continued her education.  In the kitchen, Kelly’s goal is to provide an environment in which students can experiment, create, learn culinary techniques, share recipes, and express their own talents.  Her philosophy concentrates on creating an important balance between the foods that we put on the table and the people that gather around the table.

Favorite food memory:
My father was the youngest of twelve.  By the time I came along, I was the 35th grandchild.  One family meal, there were what felt like forty people surrounding my grandparents’ dining table.  Money was scarce and so was the food — grabbing to fill your plate was considered a necessity, not bad manners.  I was 3 or 4 at the time and my grandmother was a woman of few words and a giver of even fewer “warm fuzzies”.  As I sat there watching the food disappear my grandmother put a bowl of homemade warm buttered spaetzel noodles in front of me.  My own bowl!  It was at that moment I knew that sometimes food can say things that some people just can’t.

3 Items always in Kelly’s refrigerator:
Sriracha, half and half, spicy mustard

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JamieBordoshukJamie Bordoshuk
Chef Instructor

Jamie Bordoshuk has been cooking for over 25 years and has taught culinary classes that span multiple cuisines including Italian Feasts, French Bistro, Southern BBQ, Asian Fusion, Sushi 101 and Seafood Grill. Jamie has assisted multiple celebrity and local chefs including Paula Deen, Gale Gand, Rachael Ray, Tom Douglas, Jimmy Bannos (Heaven on Seven), Phil Manolis (Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse) and John Chiakulas (Antico Posto).

Three items always in your grocery cart are…
Fresh herbs (if I can’t get them from my garden), chicken, and fresh citrus (lemons, limes & oranges).

Favorite Food Memory:
I came up with a dry rub after having the most wonderful dinner with my wife, Rondi, in Istanbul. We were walking down the street at sunset, looking for a place to eat during Ramadan (not an easy feat!), when the owner of a cute little sidewalk café told us he would take care of us.  He proceeded to serve us a smorgasbord of the most amazing meats and vegetables, chock full of exotic flavors.  It was the highlight of our trip to the Mediterranean.  I’ll tell you what happened after we didn’t haven’t enough euros to pay the bill some other time.

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Lynn Dugan
Registered Dietitian

Lynn Dugan 3Lynn’s culinary training began early in her life alongside her mother, who had learned from her mother and grandmother.  When Lynn’s dad was diagnosed with high cholesterol, her mom changed the family menu and Lynn began her quest for a nutrition degree.  With her career in nutrition and love of cooking, she works to create great tasting healthy food.  Through her cooking sessions, Lynn helps make healthy eating a reality.

Lynn’s best food memory:
In my Uncle Gino’s restaurant in Little Italy, Chicago, I learned to make spaghetti sauce. My Aunt Angie was the cook and she didn’t have a recipe…so we had to stop her throughout to measure what was in her hand before she threw it in the pot. I still make her sauce today (it makes at least 10 quarts) and do not measure much myself anymore.

Lynn’s guilty pleasure food:
Does Pinot Noir count? If not, dark chocolate covered almonds.

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Paul LindemuthPaul Lindemuth
Chef Instructor

Paul found his love of the kitchen at an early age, cooking alongside his mother and grandmother. While primarily self-taught, Paul spent time in the kitchen with noted chefs Giuliano Bugialli, Jacques Pepin, and Perla Meyers, and now has over 30 years of culinary experience. After managing the cooking schools and retail stores for The Cook’s Mart and The Chef’s Catalog in Chicago, Paul founded his own culinary business, The Art of Food, in 1986. He currently divides his time between sharing his passion for cooking and teaching in local cooking schools and working as a personal chef/event planner in client’s homes throughout the Chicagoland area. Paul focuses his approach to cooking and teaching around three elements: selection of top quality ingredients, techniques of preparation, and beautiful presentation. Each class features recipes that explore and build upon these elements.

Favorite food memory:
Standing alongside my grandmother as she made me a fried egg sandwich every day for lunch during elementary school. To this day, the aroma of melting butter brings that memory to life.

3 items always in Paul’s grocery cart:
Wine, garlic, and butter

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Robin NathanRobin Nathan2
Chef Instructor

California girl Robin Nathan attended culinary school after a successful 20-year career as a national advertising executive and she understands busy working families who enjoy cooking but don’t have all day to spend at it. Her cuisine is all about simple, seasonally appropriate preparations, global flavors, and a naturally light touch. And she loves nothing better than to twist up what she’s learned, combining the authentic with the new and different. Life should be a taste adventure!

Three items always in Robin’s grocery cart:
Organic milk (I’ve got an 8 year old), baby arugula and tomatoes

Best food memory?
I have so many…. The first time I tasted good olive oil, back in the early ‘80s, the first time I tasted the sour-salty-sweet of Thai food, the row of avocados my grandmother always kept ripening on her window-sill, from the tree in her yard….

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Cherise Slattery
Pastry Chef Instructor

Cherise Slattery 2Cherise grew up in a family where the table was the heart of the home.  Days spent in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother, her passion for food and interest in the science of baking inspired her to become a certified pastry chef.  She enjoys creating all-natural pastries for private events and local farmer’s markets.  Cherise shares her love of food and community in all of her classes.

Favorite food memory:
Making apple pies every fall with my grandma, mom and sister.  We would spend a Sunday peeling apples, mixing dough and visiting.  We would freeze most of the pies and throughout the winter we would put one in the oven.  The smell of those pies baking always brought back memories of our fun fall day together.

What music do you listen to when you cook?
If I am cooking Italian, it’s Dean, Frank or Tony!

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