3/14/20 6:30 – 9:00 pm South Meets South of the Border (Hands On)



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Chef Brandy Fernow presents South Meets South of the Border (Hands On)

Tonight, Chef Brandy is serving up Mexican fare with Southern flair. Think a hefty dose of down-home Southern with a splash of spice, lime, and Mexico fresh; Nashville hot chicken with jalapeno slaw or poblano corn chowder. Southern and Mexican ingredients share similar ingredients and similar cooking techniques. When the two flavors come together, it’s the perfect vibe with standout results.

On the menu: Mexican Mint Julep, Fried Green Tomatillos and Jicama Slaw Salad with Sweet Habanero Dressing, Nashville Hot Chicken Tacos with Pickled Jalapeño, Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Cilantro Pecan Pesto Rice, and Mexican Chocolate Bread Pudding with Ancho Chile Pralines