3/16/2018 6:30 – 9 pm Intoxicating Flavors (Hands On)


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Chef Kelly Sears presents Intoxicating Flavors (Hands On)

Wine, spirits, and beer make a splash in cooking, marinating and tenderizing with their flavors intensifying each recipe. Beyond coq au vin, and boeuf bourguignon, cooking wines, liqueurs and vermouths enhance flavor in modern dishes and desserts. Slow cooked beef and veal love red wine, sherry and olive oil make greens sing, and a splash of Frangelico adds a nip of almond to Affogato. Experience the depth of flavor your favorite libation can add to a dish. On the menu: Wine Soaked Figs, Baby Arugula, Shaved Pecorino, Hazelnut Oil and Sherry, Bolognese Ragu over Tagliatelle, Wilted Spinach with Garlic, Pinenuts, and Roasted Grapes, and Affogato with Dusted with Crushed Espresso Walnuts