6/6/19 6:30 – 9:00 pm Casual Italian Spring Table (Hands On)



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Chef Robin Nathan presents Casual Italian Spring Table (Hands On)

On the menu tonight: the regions of Tuscany, Sicily, Emilia-Romagna; a feast of Italy. Tuscany’s landscape of grapevines, farmhouses, and olive groves intertwined with Sicily’s coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Italy’s rich farmland yields is a romantic patchwork of simplicity and fresh ingredients.

On the menu: Aperol & Prosecco Spritz Cocktail, Sweet Pea & Prosciutto Salad, Herbed Grilled Lamb with Basil-Mint Vinaigrette, Tomato & Fava Sauté with Fregola Pasta, Mascarpone Panna Cotta with Seasonal Fruit