9/28/2018 6:30 – 9 pm Santa Margarita Ranch (Hands On)



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Chef Robin Nathan presents Santa Margarita Ranch (Hands On)

Rancho Santa Margarita was a 17,735-acre Mexican land grant in the Santa Lucia Mountains, in present day San Luis Obispo County, central California. Located just off Highway 101, the now historic Santa Margarita Ranch is one of California’s longest continually operated cattle ranches. Currently the ranch is run by three local families dedicated to advancing its heritage as a working ranch and vineyard. Chef Robin transports this unique property to the plate by honoring some of the best culinary offerings from Santa Margarita Ranch.

On the menu: Michelada Cocktails (Beer with Spicy Tomato); Grilled Flatbreads with Pepita-Cotija Pesto and Late Summer Corn & Tomatoes, Classic Santa Margarita Tri Tip Steak with Chipotle Rub; Drunken Cowboy Beans with Salsa Fresca, and Sautéed Apple – Rosemary Shortbreads with Brown Sugar Whipped Cream