The Bee’s Knees,’ A Real Royal Experience by Jenny Lorish

   Nothing brings me more joy, than when a newly engaged couple comes in to register for their upcoming nuptials. It is such a joyous occasion, everyone is happy and excited. Marcel’s has so many things any royal, or non-royal couple can use to start their new life together! We carry exceptional items for any lifestyle: kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, small appliances, and my favorites, beautiful dinnerware, flatware and glassware. Plus, home decorations and specialty items by many talented artists, are abundant at Marcel’s. We carry many lovely vendors like Juliska, Michael Aram, Le Cruset, Arte Italica, and the list goes on. Unique merchandise, is carefully selected by Jill and Dana, and is sure to make anyone feel like royalty.

Just last week a couple came in with smiles bursting with joy. Their glee was infectious! They sat down with us to go over their lifestyle and interests. Do they entertain? Experienced in the kitchen? Then we showed them what we carry. From start to finish, we helped make the entire experience stress free and fun. They were very interested in the “one of a kind” Terrafirma ceramicware, as well as the personalized engraved Simon Pearce vase and stemware. These pieces always add that ‘special touch’ to any table. The happy couple left the store feeling a sense of peace, knowing one more wedding “to do” is checked of the list!

One of the things I especially like about working at Marcel’s is the special attention we give to each and every customer. Marcel’s is truly a place where you “experience” so many things, especially the bee’s knees’ , if you will, in customer service. Our experienced, seasoned staff truly care, and will go above and beyond for anyone that walks in the door. We have beautiful gift wrap options, and we wrap each gift with care to make everything feel a bit more special. You are sure to feel like royalty when you come to Marcel’s.

Our Gift Registry can accommodate any occasion, Wedding, Anniversary, a special Birthday, you name it. Stop in, or schedule an appointment and we will give you a unique, individualized visit. Our talented retail consultants will walk you through, step by step, to ensure you are registered for gifts that can surely last a lifetime. Having a well thought out registry makes it easy for guests to shop from.

In Marcel’s kitchen we host many cooking classes, and private events. A perfect afternoon tea perhaps and wedding showers are always a big hit. Marcel’s has such a great atmosphere, lots of energy and happy people, great smells and wonderful merchandise, all the aspects of glamorous royal living. Stop into Marcel’s for all your special occasions and we will make everything extra special.

*Bee’s knees’ is a term the English use to describe excellence – the highest quality.

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