By the Numbers at Marcel’s by Jill Foucré

Those of you who know me well know I am a numbers person. While there are certainly many places in life where it’s best to follow your heart, in business I think it’s best to follow the numbers. Almost always, when there’s an important decision to be made, a look at the numbers will give great guidance if you listen to what they’re saying.

Since we opened Marcel’s, I have devotedly followed the numbers and a lot of them are really fun to think about!

Let’s start with you. We have had well over 30,000 different people shop at Marcel’s since we opened. And that doesn’t even count Marché. We have been open for a bit less than 3,000 days so that’s more than 10 new people every single day! We are so appreciative of each and every one of you – but thinking about how many of you there are, I don’t feel so bad that I draw a blank on a name here and there!

At the very, very beginning when I was thinking about this little business I could create, what I really wanted was the recreational cooking school. It of course has become so much more than that but the Marcel’s kitchen, led by Chef Kelly Sears and our very talented chef team, is a powerhouse unto itself. 1,807 classes (and more every single day) with 24,742 participants plus 850 private events with another 11,910 participants. Yowza! That’s over 36,000 adults and kids learning, eating, having fun, and meeting us around our table. Exactly what I envisioned. This wouldn’t have happened without the 16 chefs, over 100 Culinary Assistants, and more teenage dishwashers than I can count who have delivered each and every class to you.

And we can’t forget the retail store. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone at every price point and that means an awful lot of merchandise! And if you’ve ever wondered who chooses all of these fabulous things, look no further than Dana Williams, store manager/buyer/visual merchandiser extraordinaire. We have had 22,226 different products in the store for you — and while we are constantly searching for new and different things, we’ve also got many items we’ve carried since day one.

Of course, just like in the kitchen, it’s our staff that makes Marcel’s special — and I know they make you feel special, too. We’ve had 33 different people on the retail staff over 8 years and I think each and every one of them has had more than a tiny bit of fun being a part of the Marcel’s family.

A few last numbers:

Six. Those who have stood by my side since the beginning (and before the beginning!). Kelly Sears, Paul Lindemuth, Dana Williams, Rita Cevaal, Teri Hiben, Lisa Sallwasser – the words “couldn’t have done it without you” are so inadequate.

Eight. Wonderful years.

One. Super grateful owner.


  1. Peter Groninger says

    As one of those who has enjoyed Marcel’s Culinary Experience (lots and lost of cooking toys, at least 30 cooking classes over years as well as Paul Lindemuth’s skill and expertise to cater a surprise birthday party for my wife’s 70th birthday) since opening 8 years ago, in my opinion Jill deserves a great deal of credit not only in bringing Marcel’s to Glen Ellyn, but perhaps more importantly sparking a retail renaissance in Glen Ellyn. Back atcha times 10, Jill.

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