Cooking with Shell by Rita Cevaal

On Tuesday, June 3, I will have the privilege of cooking in Marcel’s kitchen with my daughter Michelle. It is a free recipe demonstration that will run from 11am -2pm, and we plan on having a lot of fun!  Please stop in and see what is cooking. We will be making her recipe for Black Bean Burgers.  It is a recipe she found, has made many times, and has made it her very own.  Friends and family already know she makes a great black bean burger.

Black Bean Burger

It is so fun to have another adventurous cook (or 2) in the house.  Nurturing a budding young chef with the tools needed and the freedom to explore in the kitchen can be a lasting gift for the whole family.  Preparing and sharing a meal together are the times when advice is given, stories are told, laughter is heard, examples are set, and memories are made.

We are here to help you at Marcel’s with classes of all types and any kitchen supplies you may need.  Our website has the current class calendars and also a great recipe section to get you started.  These are great recipes from our popular free Tuesday demos.  You really should check it out – there is great stuff in there.

Hope to see you on June 3!

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