Dana’s Dogs

My official job title at Marcel’s is “retail manager” but I actually wear another hat as well.  I’m responsible for finding and selecting new merchandise for the shop – the “buyer.”  When you walk into Marcel’s and see some new, fabulous unique item that you simply can’t live without, chances are it is something that I’ve found while flipping through vendor catalogs or scrolling the Internet – Pinterest, Etsy, etc…  Or perhaps it is something that Jill and I discovered on one of our trips to the various housewares or home and gift shows we attend a few times each year.

If I happen to notice your delighted reaction upon discovery, I’ve been known to look around at my coworkers and exclaim “Who’s  the buyer? Who’s the buyer?” while pointing at myself.  Yes, I actually do that and yet surprisingly, we have very little staff turnover.

In the interest of full disclosure, sometimes I just don’t get it right…. We call them “Dana’s Dogs.”  Ouch!  

  • Lime green jingle bell candle holders
  • Giant mossy carrots
  • The “Spifter”
  • The olive plucker

Lime Green Jingle Bell Candle Stick

I could go on but it’s becoming painful. Every order I write lands on Jill’s desk awaiting final approval.  We usually concur and her faith in me makes my job an absolute joy, but once in awhile my phone will ring and I’ll hear “Dana, seriously?  These carrots are two feet long!” or “Who needs a Spifter?  What is this thing?” or my personal favorite “SHEEP?????”

 The truth is, if I really believe in a product, Jill will usually let me try it.  If it ends up nestled in the SALE wall, the wonderful gals I work with get to to enjoy the sound of my eating crow.  It balances nicely with “Who’s the buyer?”

Stop in soon.  I’d love to show you a fabulous moss sheep…


  1. Joann Kiehn says

    Just a quick comment I adore your store… your team was friendly, knowledgeable and kind!!! Because I live in Palatine you even told me about the new Cook, Cork & Fork that just opened up… a
    similar business to your own… I felt like being in that movie Miracle on 34th Street when Kris Kringle told the parents if you can’t find it at Macy’s go down the street to Gibson’s they have it too and it’s even a few dollars less…
    Anyway, I know the silver soup ladle I bought was fantastic… and yes I told your staff member it was
    going to be used for catching my dogs urine when they go outside. They tend to have bladder infections and if you have ever tried to sneak up behind them and put a small container under it they
    dry up like the sun just came out. Anyway, this ladle was so perfect I used it the next morning and sure enough 2 of our 3 labs had one. So amazing the other things this ladle can do… and thank goodness for hot sanitizing dishwashers. And, No I don’t think I would broadcast that to my family but I did tell my Vet all about it… he loved that idea. I loved the cookbook two in the Twenty things… Ruhlman one. So I am really looking forward to everything you carry and I adore how you named your beautiful store!!

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