East Meets West Holidays by Jenny Chang

Our family moved into a new house this past September and the task of unpacking boxes and settling into our home filled my free time. And now with the holidays quickly approaching, the desire to be finally “settled” is paramount. We are making changes (i.e., painting, changing light fixtures, etc.) and adding the little touches that make a new house feel like your home.

I’ve always viewed our home as not just a place to rest at night, but a place to entertain and greet family and friends both near and far. No time is that more clear than during the holiday season, where gatherings often center around lavish and extravagant meals. Growing up in a Korean home, we celebrated the traditions of the west, alongside the traditions of the far east. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were often a bountiful combination of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, as well as rice, fish, dumplings, noodles, Korean short ribs, and an array of Korean vegetable side dishes (aka. Banchan). It was a feat to fit so much food on our family dining table.

Now that I have a family of my own and want to pass along the traditions I’ve grown to love with our holiday meals, I’ve learned to modify the abundance of food that we serve to create a dining table that balances an American and also Korean menu. Because there is often so much color and array of food served on the table, I start with a neutral palate. White dinner plates and non-descript wine glasses serve as the perfect background for such an overwhelming meal. From there, I add touches of color, mostly in shades of grey and silver, with beautiful serving platters, bowls, and candles. It is for this reason that I am so drawn to the simplicity of the Juliska Acanthus collection for its classic and timeless appeal. And then there are the Michael Aram pieces that I was introduced to during our most recent trunk show, which featured the amazing Ginko butterfly collection that is the perfect accompaniment to my Korean roots. Together, these pieces can help celebrate the blending of two cultures that co-exist in my home ever so seamlessly during a time of year that harkens tradition and family. As you prepare for your holiday meals this season, may your table celebrate your traditions and family in much the same way!


Juliska Country Estate Winter Frolic & Berry and Thread

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