Meet Us at Marcel’s by Kathy Malpede

As I have had the pleasure of working at Marcel’s these last few months and getting to know the faces behind the designs, merchandise, recipes and overall cooking expertise that make Marcel’s a true gem, I’ve made new friends and mentors.  Wouldn’t you love to learn a little more about our talented retail staff who help us all cook, create and celebrate? 

One of Retail Manager Dana Williams’ favorite things about Marcel’s is the access she has to great culinary information.  Some of her very favorite recipes these last three years have come from co-workers, customers and our chefs!  Thanks to Teri, Dana has become quite the scone baker.  Thanks to Chef Kelly, she has fallen in love with canning and preserving.  Dana’s very favorite appetizer is a twist on a recipe in the book Plenty that she received from one of her favorite customers, Jani Casto.  Dana feels that being surrounded by people that love to talk about all things food just seems to suit her! 

Rita Cevaal is one of our retail leads.  Her favorite thing at Marcel’s is all of our local and small batch food products.  These items are not easily found elsewhere.  Local, unique and yummy!

Oh to have a chef in the family!  Jamie Bordoshuk, another one of our retail leads and accomplished chefs, was visiting family a few years ago in Washington D.C.  For Thanksgiving, he made an Eggs Benedict breakfast on Friday morning for the entire family. That’s 36 plates of Eggs Benedict!!

Ina 3

Here are a few of us with our new friend Ina Pinkney

As Diane Sibon’s husband Steve would tell it, before they moved to Toronto, all she could make was a microwaved baked potato.  She then met two great friends, who were, and still are, “foodies”! Through their friendship she developed her appreciation of good food and wine as well as her love of cooking and entertaining. She still visits them once a year.

Teri Hiben’s favorite meal to prepare is for her 3 young adult sons and their friends.  This has been a great joy for her; especially over the past 10 years when they have all brought hungry friends home for dinner.  Being at the table with them allows her to have a peek into how her sons interact with their friends and get a glimpse at their growing relationships. Teri enjoys deciding what to make, usually lots of meat or chicken, some tasty potatoes, a fresh vegetable and a huge salad are included.  Dessert is the easiest to prepare for Teri, it’s her chocolate cake or a seasonal pie, always with a scoop of ice cream.  She is always delighted to see a table of well-fed young people, talking, laughing and full of life.

One of Deb Forkins’ favorite things about Marcel’s has been the connections that it has offered her – new friendships from the talented, high-energy, creative team that she works with to the wonderful people who walk through Marcel’s doors everyday.  One of the many fun evenings of the year is when the retail staff takes an evening after the store closes and decorates long into the night turning the store into a winter wonderland for the holidays.  Spirits are jovial and much laughter occurs amid the work.  Oh, and usually wine is served.

Traveling is a passion for Carolyn Raber.  One of her best trips was 4 days spent cruising the coast of Maine on board a 1919 wooden windjammer ship.  There was no electricity or running water, but fantastic meals were served from the wood-burning stove!

Karen Fleming loves good movies.  Her absolute favorite cooking movie is “Julie & Julia.”  Karen loved learning about Julia Child’s life and early years in France.  She thinks of her every time she chops an onion!  Watching Julie’s struggles and determination to cook Julia Child’s recipes always inspires Karen to try new things in the kitchen.  Bon Appetit!

When Kelly Montgomery first became interested in learning to cook, she read Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volumes 1 and 2, cover to cover.   She doesn’t think she’s ever made any of those recipes, but learned SO MUCH.  Kelly reads cookbooks front to back instead of browsing for recipes!

And of course, last but not least, our fearless leader, Jill Foucré and her husband Bob Bye.  For ten consecutive years Jill and Bob hosted an annual pig roast at their home that was the social event of the season!  It grew from about 60 people to 150 over the years with a 200 pound pig, a live band, and enough food for an army which Jill cooked (including 50 – 60 dozen homemade cookies), enlisting the help of anyone who walked into the kitchen!  The pre-party on Friday night would draw 50 – 60 people and the pre-pre party on Thursday night wasn’t too shabby either.  Then there was the post-party on Sunday…  Those were the days!

Come into Marcel’s and meet our staff.  We would love to help you cook, create, and celebrate!

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