My New Favorite Gadget by Chef Jamie Bordoshuk

Even though I’m pretty good at rolling sushi (I’ve definitely taught my fair share of Sushi classes) this new gadget caught my eye.  The Rice Cube, a red square box that looks like a 3D version of Tetris, and fits together like a puzzle to form a cube of rice.

My son had just graduated from high school.  When asked what food he wanted for his Graduation party, he immediately replied Sushi.

After making a batch of sushi rice, I decided to give the Rice Cube a work out.  I made the rice cubes and added a thin slice of sashimi grade tuna on top. Finally I wrapped a band of nori around the middle.  My first appetizer was done and it was time to forge on. 

image23For the next appetizer, I mixed rice with softened cream cheese, minced capers and red onions.  I put the rice mixture into the cube, and when it came out, I topped it with a slice of smoked salmon.  It was a New York Bagel and Lox with an Asian flair. 

On to dessert.  Adding a bit of coconut milk and water to the next batch of rice gave it a sweet touch.  After the rice went through the bright red box, coming out a perfect square, strawberries and pineapple topped it off perfectly.  A drizzle of chocolate sauce finished it off.

I give this Rice Cube 5-stars, and challenge you to put your imagination to work and come up with your own Rice Cube inventions.

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