My New Marcel’s Family by Jenny Chang

“The years teach much which the days never knew” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above is one of my favorite quotes because it reminds me that even in the hard, crazy, hectic days, we persevere and glean profound wisdom as time moves on. And before we know it, we are sharing those little bits of wisdom to those around who will listen.

I’m very much living the thick of my days with 3 children (nearly 11 yrs, 9 yrs, and 7 yrs old) at home, a husband who travels frequently for work, and me working both part-time and volunteering as a director for a local non-profit. Carpool isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Relying on the kindness of neighbors and the “it takes a village” mentality is humbling. With afterschool activities from Tae Kwon Do, basketball, baseball, soccer, and dance/piano lessons, it’s a wonder that cars aren’t equipped with mini-fridges and microwaves. There are many times where I wish they were.

Retail1I have the incredible privilege to work alongside many women at Marcel’s who have journeyed this path of motherhood and crazy hectic days, who are now able to pause and enjoy some of the peaceful tranquility that comes from having sent their grown children off into the world. And I often hear the words, “enjoy these days of endless shoes in the doorway because those days will soon be gone.” And I pause and wonder… will those days really soon be gone? I can’t imagine it, but am told it many times over and over again.

To my fellow Marcel’s moms, thank you for being a reminder that these days are short, that my time with my children won’t last forever, and that I should pause and enjoy some of these moments to simply watch them, listen to them, and hug them. Continue to remind me over and over again, particularly during those long days of raising 3 children whose schedules and lives sometimes seem to overshadow my own.

Your presence and encouragement has served this mother of 3 in more ways than you can imagine, not just with your words but by your example. Continue to share your little bits of wisdom because this mom will try hard to listen. Having been at Marcel’s now for over 6 months, I consider myself more than fortunate to have found a new family here, one that doesn’t just talk the talk but has walked my walk!

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