#mymarcels by Alicia Sitley

Editor’s Note: We are thrilled to have a guest blog post this week from one of our delightful customers, Alicia Sitley.  Join Alicia and start hash-tagging your favorite finds from Marcel’s with #mymarcels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We can’t wait to see and share your stories.  Thanks Alicia!

As I go through my daily routines, I realize that each trip to Marcel’s has helped me to collect beautiful “home souvenirs” that quickly become part of our family’s tradition. Like keepsakes from a beautiful journey, everything I buy at Marcel’s now inspires a story.

#mymarcels1Beginning with coffee, the #mymarcels Nespresso machine saved us from severe “espresso depression” by continuing our daily cappuccino and espresso indulgences after a trip to Italy. (We even bought a second Nespresso for our college freshman, which means #mymarcels extends as far south as Champaign-Urbana.)

#mymarcels also includes our cheery cherry Le Creuset French Press; black Epicurean cutting boards so sleek they triggered a friend to confess cutting-board envy; and the gorgeous Chilewich placemats that gracefully catch our spills and withstand my daughter’s aggressive wipe downs.

And please, let us pay special tribute to the Camerons Stovetop Smoker, an “emotional purchase” after a three-minute description of its flair for mouth-watering, smoked yumminess. This smoking won’t kill you because everything it produces is so good you’d die for it first. Cheese, veggies, fish, meat, everything’s better when we smoke it!

When I visit Marcel’s, I admit I look around and long to adopt nearly everything displayed as #mymarcels, but that would just be gluttonous. Time and life’s events will inspire my next purchases, because Marcel’s rewards our journeys. What souvenirs have you taken home from Marcel’s? Look around your kitchen, then tell everyone at #mymarcels. 

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