Now It Registers by Teri Hiben

I was a reluctant registering bride.  This I recently confessed to some friends who have newly engaged sons and daughters.  Because I work at Marcel’s they were asking me what should be included in a good registry.  Today I can answer that with all confidence, but exactly 30 years ago I found myself overwhelmed. 

photo (43)My mom lived in Colorado and I was teaching full time and going to graduate school.  There were decisions that required my then fiancé and me to imagine kitchen and home needs well into the future.  We were ill equipped, but jumped right in and registered.  We’re thankful that we managed to register for heavy duty pots and pans, bakeware, everyday dishes and china which have served us well.  We’re also thankful that we had wise friends and family who gave us wonderful gifts that were not on our registry:  a beautiful vase, a Le Creuset dutch oven (I didn’t know what a treasure that would be!), lovely serving pieces, high quality knives, some awesome kitchen shears.  All of these generous gifts from people we loved and love today helped us on our way.

 Thirty years ago my husband and I did not know that we would make our home in Glen Ellyn and raise three wonderful sons, now grown into men of whom we’re quite proud (and who have eaten LOTS of homemade food, I assure you); that we would so enjoy hosting many gatherings of family, friends, neighbors, people young and old for meals, desserts, parties.  I didn’t know in 1984 that I would grow to enjoy cooking and creating in the kitchen, that my husband would be so adventurous to eat those creations, that I would look forward to opening my CSA box each week in warmer months, that I would learn how to can and preserve food, that I would love to provide nourishing meals not only for my family but to sick and hurting friends, that I would one day be able to walk downtown Glen Ellyn and work at a cooking store named Marcel’s.  My husband and I have had a very blessed 30 years! 

As for my friends’ engaged children, I encouraged them to come to Marcel’s and get one-on-one help with our knowledgeable staff to help them develop a well thought out registry of quality, durable cookware and all they need for entertaining those they will enjoy for many decades ahead.  What delights await them!


  1. I was in your 5th grade class in 1983-84. I remember when your name changed to Hiben. Love reading your posts.

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