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Ever wonder what a chef can’t live without in his kitchen? Or the tool, pan, knife that she reaches for every single time? Well, wonder no more. We have polled each of our chefs to share with us the kitchen items they simply must have! From Monday3/25 through Sunday 3/31  we’re offering any of our CHEF FAVORITES at 20% OFF. How’s that for a spring break deal you simply can’t resist! 

Chef Jamie Bordoshuk loves reaching for the Shun 8″ Chef Knife whenever he’s creating something delicious in the kitchen. Super sharp, lightweight, easy to hold for lots of chopping, slicing and dicing, this knife makes prep work a breeze! 8″ Chef’s Knives of any brand will be on promo this week.

Chef Kelly has several favorites in her arsenal, but she always begins with her Epicurean Cutting Board. They come in a range of sizes, are durable, eco-friendly, non-porous and are knife friendly! After she’s chopped, sliced or julienned her ingredients, she reaches for her Duralex Prep Bowls. With more than 10 different sizes at her fingertips, these bowls help her keep track of all her ingredients, making planning and executing a breeze. But when she needs to scrape a jar or stir a pot, Chef Kelly reaches for her Le Creuset Spatulas. Readily available in a crock on her counter, these come in all shapes and sizes to match whatever job necessary. And no need to worry about it melting if ever left in a pan because these silicone spatulas can handle high heat up to 482 degrees. When she’s adding salt to her cooking, she turns to her Le Creuset Salt Pig because the opening perfectly fits her hand and is parked right next to her cooktop. 

When Chef Robin is whipping up delicious meals in her kitchen, she always reaches for her tried and true Tri Ply All Clad Stainless Cookware. And when she’s in the mood to bake, Chef Robin makes sure she has her Silpat Baking Mat right by her side. Fabulous for complete nonstick baking, roasting or candy making, this mat makes rolling pastry an easy task, allowing you to lift your pastry right onto a sheet pan. Plus they last for years! And Chef Robin’s go to peeler is the Rosle Swivel Peeler.  In both vertical and horizontal formats, it makes peeling even the toughest fruits and vegetables a breeze.

Chef Lynn’s favorite item in her kitchen is her Le Creuset French Oven. It evenly distributes heat for uniform cooking, is designed for “stove to oven” presentation and is super easy to clean. For busy cooks, this is a staple for one-pot meals. And for Chef Lynn, this enameled cast-iron cookware is worth every penny! All Le Creuset ovens will be on promo – in stock only; no special orders.

Chef Paul’s favorites include the Oxo Angled Measuring Cups which makes measuring liquids easier since you don’t need to hold the cup at eye level. And he loves his Rosle Instant-Read Thermometer for the digital read-out on the top, making it easier to read than the dial versions on traditional thermometers. Chef Paul would never dream of making soup or sauces without his Cuisinart Hand Blender. It’s the best time-saver, allowing you to liquify your ingredients right in the pot vs. transferring from the pot to a standard blender. And he wouldn’t ever roast fish or seafood without Marcel’s Cedar Roasting Planks. He loves how they impart an even, gentle heat and smoky flavor to the food. 

The things in Chef Brandy’s kitchen that make life simpler and more efficient, are her Potato Ricer which makes the lightest and fluffiest gnocchi or croquettes, allowing for even strands of boiled, mashed vegetables with a smooth uniform texture. And she would never dare scoop up vegetables or small pastas from boiling water or deep-fried food from hot oil without her Spider/StrainerThe long handle keeps your hands safely away from the heat. To zest citrus, grate hard cheese or spices Chef Brandy always grabs a Microplane Zester

The tools that Chef Kiley reaches for when she’s whipping up delicious meals in her kitchen and those tools include a Flat Whisk and Flexible Fish Spatula. The flat whisk because it deglazes your pots and pans to ensure a beautiful sauce (or roux) with its rounded edge, ensuring it fits inside the corners of your saute or sauce pan. And the fish spatula because its versatility makes it perfect for pancakes, cookies, vegetable fritters and so much more. It allows for delicate and precise turning, flipping and rotating on a hot work surface. Chef Kiley loves to use the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet (preferably a 13.25″ or 15″ skillet) whenever she can. These skillets sear any protein or vegetable like no other and can go straight to the oven or grill.

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