Stay Merry with Marcel’s by Kathy Malpede

The holidays, yes, I know. The very thought of them can induce a slight facial tic. I’m also aware that if you are reading this, you’ve also read numerous articles on how to pull off a Martha Stewart-esque stress-free holiday season. I too love fiction. You have the talking points of a peaceful holiday season memorized:

  • Remember what is important. I go to great lengths to make sure I have beautiful wrapping paper and wrapping accessories for all gifts. I won’t let it bother me that my presents under the tree are wrapped in Sunday’s auto section. (I love my husband but it has happened.)
  • Learn to say no and preface it with “Unfortunately.” (“Unfortunately, no, the elf on the shelf can’t make it this year!” is going to be my personal holiday goal.)
  • Meditate, pray, red wine, whatever works for you. (The red wine was my idea.)
  • Let Marcel’s help. And here’s how:

Marcel’s classes are a great gift for kids, parents, friends, and a sure hit for family grab bags. A gift card with our class calendars can be beautifully wrapped. You can even call ahead and we will have it waiting for you.

Holiday Gift Boxes – We have our new beautiful Marcel’s branded boxes that can be filled with food of your choosing, or choose from our hand-crafted selections below. These make the perfect corporate gift and can be shipped. Call ahead and we will have it ready for you. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)


Meat and Cheese Platters – Do you need an appetizer for a party or a family dinner? We can help you create a beautiful meat and cheese platter and pair it with the perfect wine. If you are taking it to a holiday party, put it on one of our many cheeseboards and there’s your hostess gift. And yes, call ahead, we will even run it out to your sleigh.

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