Sweet Tooth by Karen Fleming

I confess that I have an incredible sweet tooth. More specifically, I am addicted to chocolate. I know many of you can relate. It all started at a young age, visiting my grandparents in Chicago where we would enjoy a wonderful meal of roast leg of lamb and german potato salad.  But the best part was yet to come: Peterson’s ice cream, which my grandfather would go to their store and have hand packed that morning.  My sister and I would make a huge bowl of chocolate and vanilla which I would let melt slightly then stir to a chocolaty pudding consistency. Yum! But it didn’t stop there. When my grandparents came to our house, my grandfather always brought a box of Fannie May.  Thus began my love affair with Pixies! 

Working at Marcel’s, I have come to realize my sweet tooth can be constantly satisfied.  Whether it’s our delicious Lake Champlain Chocolates or Hammond’s variety of uniquely flavored chocolate bars, the opportunities are endless.  Not only can I get delicious Callebaut Chocolate for baking but we have numerous decadent chocolate cake and brownie mixes.  

In February, I had the opportunity to help at our Valentine’s Champagne and Chocolate class.  Our chefs Paul and Jean did an amazing job of incorporating chocolate into each part of the menu.  I can’t imagine a better meal!  I recently attended a crepe class by Jean and learned how to make chocolate crepes.  So easy and delicious.  They were filled with strawberries and topped with whipped cream. It brought back memories of my trip to France several years ago and the crepe stands with huge jars of Nutella.  I was in chocolate heaven!

Editor’s Note:  Karen just wanted an excuse to put a picture of a cute French boy in her blog.

Easter is quickly approaching and once again those yummy chocolate bunnies have made an appearance at Marcel’s.  So come on in and satisfy your or someone else’s sweet tooth this spring. But leave a little for me!

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