Window Dressing by Rita Cevaal

One of the many enjoyable responsibilities of working at Marcel’s is coming up with ideas for our store windows. Changing the windows is always a fun, challenging, but sometimes strenuous activity at the store.

During the planning process we are inspired by merchandise and current events occurring in the store, community, and world. We have highlighted everything spanning from our own cooking classes, the local spelling bee fundraiser to the Olympics.

The challenge is to always have something that is fresh, current, relevant, interesting, and fun! We plan them out several months in advance in order to assemble all the necessary props, whatever they may be. For example, we searched for some type of old stove in window to use for our display about pie baking. We called Young’s Appliances and they were kind enough to bring over to set up the cutest yellow vintage stove in our window.


Because we are a kitchen store, we also have one window with a seasonally set table. It is always beautiful and elegant. Having a second window gives us the opportunity to highlight not only the current season or holiday, but we also get the chance to have a little fun. Hope you are enjoying the current “Prepare the Sides of March” window!


  1. Laura Marcheschi says

    I love seeing your windows! I’ve often thought that would be such a fun job.

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