Grilled Individual Pizzas

Grilled Individual Pizzas
  1. 2 t. dry yeast
  2. ½ cup lukewarm water
  3. ¼ cup + 3 ¼ cups white flour
  4. ¼ cup rye or whole wheat flour
  5. 1 t. salt
  6. ¾ cup cold water
  7. ¼ cup olive oil
  8. Pizza sauce
  9. Toppings of your choice
Making Pizza Dough
  1. Stir together yeast and water. Add flours (1/4 cup white and 1/4 cup rye) and allow to sit until bubbly.
  2. In another bowl, mix remaining flour (3 1/4 cups) and teaspoon of salt. Stir this into the yeast mixture with water and olive oil.
  3. Mix together thoroughly and knead on lightly floured surface until the dough is soft and elastic (5 minutes). Add more water or flour as needed. Let rise in warm place until doubled in size (1-2 hours). Or refrigerate overnight, then remove from refrigerator 2 hours before shaping.
Grilling and Assembling Pizzas
  1. Prepare the grill for high heat.
  2. Prepare a bowl with olive oil or brush the pizza and the grates.
  3. Prepare the toppings so they are ready to go on the pizza.
  4. Shape pizza by flattening with your hands or rolling pin on a lightly floured surface. Once dough is stretched, let rest 5 minutes, then push out edges with your fingers until you have a nice shape. Roll onto rolling pin and place on parchment paper or a pizza peel sprinkled with flour or cornmeal.
  5. Once grill is hot, wipe grill grates with oil. Flip dough onto grate or slide onto grate with pizza peel. Grill until dough has set and is browned on underside. It only takes a few minutes. Remove from the grill and flip dough over so grilled side is up. Brush surface of pizza with olive oil, then cover with sauce (not too much) and sprinkle on light toppings. Do not overload a grilled pizza. Top in this order: Sauce, cheese, meat (if desired), then other toppings. Slide the pizza back onto grill, close the lid and cook for 2-5 min. until the bottom is charred a bit and the cheese is bubbly. Pull off onto cutting board, let rest for a couple of minutes then cut into slices.
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  1. Michelle Coleman says

    Had individual pizza’s last night made on the Kamado Joe – great recipe and great cooking experience!

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