Pot au Feu
  1. Le beef...
  2. One 2-pound brisket
  3. One 4-pound pot roast (with bone in if possible)
  4. 8 cups cold water
  5. 2 cups brown stock
  6. 1 large onion, halved
  7. 1 large onion, unpeeled
  8. 3 cloves
  9. 1 head garlic, loose skin (white paper) removed
  10. 1 sachet of 5 large sprigs parsley, chopped
  11. 1 tsp dried thyme
  12. 1 bay leaf
  13. 12 whole black peppercorns cracked
  14. 1 large clove of garlic, crushed, tie all in a 5x5 inch square of cheesecloth
  15. 8 medium carrots, trimmed an peeled
  16. 8 small turnips, peeled
  17. 4 leeks, cleaned and halved lengthwise
  18. 1 small head of cabbage, cored and cut into 6 pieces
  19. 6 or 8 red potatoes, skin on and halved
  1. First, soak the brisket and the roast in the water for 1 hour. (This extra step will provide a nutritional and gelatinous consistency to the flavorful broth).
  2. Remove the meat, heat the water to boil and then return the meat to the pot and 
blanche for 4 minutes followed by removing and rinsing in cold water. Before returning to the soaking water, skim off the foam and then return meat to the water.
  3. Add the stock and bring just to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer. Heat a small skillet until hot and place the onion halves cut side down, sear to a dark brown color. Wrap in cheesecloth and add to the meat pot.
  4. Stud the unpeeled onion with the cloves, add to the meat pot with the garlic, and herb sachet....simmer for 2 and 1/2 hours.

 Make 2 cheesecloth bundles...each with 4 carrots and 4 turnips. Make 2 cheesecloth bundles with 4 leek halves and 3 cabbage pieces each.
  5. Add all the bundles to the pot, along with potatoes, and continue simmering over medium heat for 45 more minutes.
  1. Le Pot au Feu...a version from a visit to Brittany, France

. This can be made with either chicken or beef...enjoy each recipe!
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