Staying in for a Smoke by Teri Hiben

The last lingering days of summer are upon us and autumn’s cooler temps are just ahead.  With the shift from summer schedules to school and work schedules, many of us are also ready to also have some changes in our menus.  It’s a bit early and warm to turn on the oven to make those long, slow braises and hearty stews we all enjoy. 

 I’ve found that it’s a perfect time to pull out my Cameron Stovetop Smoker to create some different, healthy, fast and full-of-flavor meals.  Smoking meats, fish and vegetables is a great way to add deep, smoky, earthy flavors to foods without the added fats or sodium  so many of us work to avoid.  The compact 9” x 13” Stovetop Smoker, used right on my stove burners (or directly on the grill) is a good choice for us. 

 photo (21)Just last night I made a delicious smoked salmon in about 15-20 mins. with no more than 1 ½ T of alder wood chips, some grinds of fresh pepper and a squeeze of lemon.  And recently we all enjoyed an applewood smoked pork loin, simply covered with a dry rub before smoking the meat.  Try smoking some of those fresh, late summer vegetables that are abundant now, or just put them under the rack where your meat is smoking and let them catch some of the drippings for added flavor.  Think of adding the flavor of hickory smoke to your favorite BBQ chicken. 

One additional tip is to use a wired remote thermometer – that way you know exactly when your meat is done to your liking without having to open the lid and release the smoke.  Smoked food is a perfect way to add intense, healthy flavor and variety to your meals!